Veronica P., Property Manager

"I have immensely enjoyed working with Southwood Realty since 2006. Southwood Realty is a company where they genuinely help and enjoy seeing the high level of achievement you are capable of. I have been given the opportunity to grow in a trusted company that cares for a satisfactory work environment for ALL employees!"

Onya J., Regional Manager

"I have so much pride in the incredible amount of hard work and detail that goes into the successful performance of a property. Over the last 13 years I have been amazed by the opportunities to grow professionally, creatively, and personally at Southwood Realty. It is rewarding being able to pay it forward by giving opportunities to others through the recruiting process and internal promotions. Looking forward to another 13 years!!!!"

Ronald C., Maintenance Supervisor

"I have been employed with Southwood Realty for 11 years. I am the maintenance supervisor for one of the large properties that Southwood owns. I enjoy working with the company because it is a family owned company and they value their employees. The owners believe in separation between work and family time.
The company has wonderful employees you can engage at any time. The owners are hands on and always make sure the staff's outside the corporate office are taken care of. The company makes sure the employees have what they need to perform their jobs at the best of their abilities.
Southwood constantly makes sure we are up to date on new training materials as well as keeping employees up to date when new benefits are being changed.
I would like to thank the Souhtwood Family for 11 wonderful years and for the next upcoming years!"

Lori T., Corporate

"I came to work for Southwood nearly twenty years ago and have watched it grow immensely in all areas, and I consider the people here my family. The Corporate Management and Owners truly are dedicated to their employees and genuinely care about the success of the business. There is great opportunity for personal growth as we continue to grow each and every day! Southwood is a wonderful place to devote your career!"